Team Members

  • Debbie’s Team at Puah

  • Debbie Fulmer, CPM   still loves witnessing the miracle of each birth, even after  nine of her own and hundreds of other birthing women for over 35 years. Her experience as both an RNC in L&D and a CPM at home has given her  broad perspective and experience.  She and her husband Jimmy enjoy the adventure of life together with their family, church, and the families she serves as a midwife.

  • Christina Pruitt Christina is a stay at home  mother of three and wife to Chuck.  Her love for the birthing process and journey with Debbie began with the home birth of her third child.  She has been a home Birth Assistant to Debbie and attending hospital births as a Doula for over 10 years.  She is a passionate advocate for the beautiful process of labor and is confident this path and purpose is a gift.

  • Sonya Shepherd  is a former homeschooling mom of four and full-time wife to her husband Scott. She believes every experience of birth is beautiful and has worked with Debbie for two years as Puah’s Office Manager and Part-time Birthing Assistant.

  • Lydia McCoy is a SAHM of two. She and her husband Robert love children and Lydia celebrates the uniqueness of every woman’s birth experience and hopes the Lord will bless her to be a compassionate, caring companion for all birthing mamas and their families. Debbie and Lydia share a special day in that Lydia was Debbie’s first home birth baby to deliver on her own, 29 years ago!  She is also a Full-time Apprentice to Debbie and the Puah Team and Full-time student at Mercy in Action College of Midwifery.

  • Maria Quinones, CPM is wife to Lyric and stay-at-home mommy to their three children. Her love for birth and the home birth experience began as a teenager when she was privileged to witness the home births of her younger siblings. Most of her birthing experience has taken place in the Philippines where she served as a missionary midwife for four years. Every birth is a miracle and she feels honored and blessed that God has allowed her to be a part of the beautiful birthing process. She is in intern at Puah and serves as an Assistant to Debbie in prenatals and home births.

  • Katie Hill is joyfully a stay-at-home mother of five littles and a former RN. She and her husband Joshua love children and are so grateful for the blessing to have had Puah home births with all of their children. Katie has been assisting Debbie Fulmer with births part-time for 11 years and loves assisting each beautiful and individual journey. She is now a Part-time Apprentice to Debbie and the Puah team and the residential essential oil consultant for essential oil use during pregnancy, labor and birth.